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Beauté Tips

1. Five Reasons to Tone Your Skin

Beauté Pacifique Toner for All Skin Types has many benefits:

*Refreshes and refines pores
*Stabilises oily skin
*Prepares skin's surface for better penetration of your chosen treatment cream, such as Crème Métamorphique

* Spritz on over mineral makeup to set
* Use as a spritzer for a truly refreshing experience any time of the day

~ Use Enriched Toner for Dry Skin if you have Sensitive or Dry Skin
~ If you have enlarged pores, always use cool water to wash your face

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2. How to Apply Crème Métamorphique

Beauté Pacifique Creme Métamorphique is ideally applied to the cleansed skin of the face and neck as a night time treatment. Only a small amount is required for the entire face, 2 x fingernail size amounts, dotted over the face, and then in 5 circular motions.
All the cream should be absorbed.

If there is still cream left on the surface of the skin then you have used too much. It is a highly concentrated formulation, therefore always apply sparingly. Allow the cream to penetrate the skin for a few minutes and then follow with a moisturiser.

Note: Use the cream every second day during the first two weeks to allow the skin to adapt to large amounts of Vitamin A.

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3. Skin Rescue Remedy

We have discovered a great secondary use for the Beauté Pacifique Deep Pore Cleansing Mask.

On the discovery of a pimple blooming, place a dab of Deep Pore Mask on clean skin directly on the problem area, and leave it over night.
I can almost guarantee it will be drastically reduced, if not GONE, by the morning!

Deep Pore Mask is generally used as a once or twice a week treatment for refining pores, balancing excessively oily skin, and a deep cleanse to remove toxins and grime from the day-to-day bombardment of free radicals.

Try it now as a RESCUE for those annoying "eruptions".

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4. Exercise Your Wrinkles!

Exercise your Wrinkles - On a recent visit to Denmark, I discovered how the "true blue bloods" (Die-hard Beauté Pacifique Users) apply their Beauté Pacifique Line Combat Fluid.
On cleansed skin, you need to take a tiny pump of the Fluid, and really rub in tiny, round circular motions with force into the wrinkles, esp. forehead line.

This almost creates a redness to the skin, because the unique delivery system of this product has already penetrated deep, stimulating the blood flow, and WOW, what a difference I have seen since applying it this way!

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