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Clinical Tests

Recommendations by Dr. Uffe Gjede

The following is Dr. Uffe Gjede's/Beauté Pacifique´s recommended treatments and procedures versus the list of diagnoses adressed. Dr. Uffe Gjede is a well reputated dermatologist in Denmark whose clinic treats app. 200 patients per day. Dr. Uffe Gjede’s website

Hyper pigmentations:
Beauté Pacifique Tyrostase applied twice daily and at night apply Super 3 Vitamin A Booster. Avoid sun exposure and apply Suns Shade sunscreen. Can also be prescribed for Chloasma, but in some cases it will be necessary to add laser treatment.

Acne Juvenile:
Cleanse and tone facial skin by Beauté Pacifique Cleansing Milk and Beauté Pacifique Toner according to skin type. Fair skin types: Recommend Toner Dry Skin, apply twice daily. After cleansing and toning use Beauté Pacifique Clinical Super 3 Booster every second night for two weeks and thereafter every night. Add Beauté Pacifique Super 3 Clinical Exfoliator after cleansing twice a week. Apply Beauté Pacifique Clinical Exfoliator on wet skin and rinse of with water at once on sensitive skin. On more robust skin leave the Exfoliator to react for a couple of minutes. It is recommended to use the Exfoliator initially by a gentle scrubbing by soft fingertips followed at once by rinse off by water and then after a couple of weeks of experience rinse off 30 seconds delayed and later expand to 1 minute and expand eventually over some weeks to 2 minutes etc. The Exfoliator works both by the mechanical scrubbing and per the biological reaction when left wet on the skin. On very dry and sensitive skin it is recommended to rinse off with water right at once. In the morning apply Defy Damage followed by Oil Free Lotion - both very sparsely. If the skin is very dry use the Beauté Pacifique Enriched Moisturizing Creme, All Skin Types.

Acne Adult
As Acne Juvenile adjusted to skin type.

Morning: Use X-ta Dry Skin Fix and at night time: Use Enriched Vitamin A Booster -possible under occlusion i.e. apply the creme at first and then use Tegaderm or Vita Wrap or similar and maintain the occlusion in place until next day. Continue this procedure to achieve a smooth skin surface and thereafter regularly twice a week in places where the Psoriasis normally would re-appear. At the same time for dry Psoriasis it is recommended to use Body Lotion For Dry Skin once daily because the skin as an organ will benefit from optimal skin care and thus support a better prognosis for pathological skin areas as well. Additionally recommend a daily intake of 4 Derma+ LA40 tablets per 60 kgs body weight for at least 2 months thereafter 3 tablets daily. Note that the moisturizing effect from the tablets will be optimal only after a minimum of 2 months of treatment. It may be beneficial to add Shower Gel when showering to avoid further drying of the skin as is often the case with showering products. This will enable the skin to obtain a better barrier function quickly.

In cases of Psoriasis in the scalp apply the Clinical UG Exfoliator Creme on the scalp on the pathological areas and leave during the night to react. Use an old towel to avoid contact to bed linen. Next morning rinse off with plenty of luke warm water and the shampoo using Shampoo For Fine Hair to avoid drying of the scalp and obtain an improved barrier to retain a normal moisture level in the scalp. It is crucial to avoid the use of aggressive shampoos that will irritate the scalp and worsen the Psoriasis condition. Repeat the entire procedure every night until the dry areas have cleared completely and thereafter once per week. Application of Defy Damage to the scalp every morning may be recommended. Apply Defy Damage very sparcely on to dry areas using a cotton bud - apply to the entire scalp if convenient. For coarse Psoriasis plaques on elbows, knees, palms, foot soles and especially on heels use the Clinical UG Exfoliator Creme every night - possibly under occlusion using a plastic film. Maintain the occlusion until the next morning and follow with the Enriched Vitamin A Booster. Repeat daily until smooth skin. In thin skin zones such as the groin and the ingvinal areas apply Defy Damage thinly instead of the Enriched Vitamin A Booster.

Treatment of Eczemas in children and adults: Generally use the Body Lotion For Dry Skin every morning and X-tra Dry Skin Fix additionally on the eczema spots. At night time apply the Enriched Vitamin A Booster. For showering use Shampoo For Fine Hair only. From the age of 11 years and up we use in Demark a daily oral intake of 4 Derma+ tablets for children of less than 50 kgs. Between 50 kgs and 80 kgs we use 5 - 6 tablets per day. The moisturizing effect appears in full after a period of minimum 2 months thereafter the daily dosage can be lowered by 1 or 2 tablets per day as per the weight individually.
Pregnant women should only take 1 tablet per day due to the content of Vitamin A.

Seborhoic Dermatitis
Initially use Defy Damage and Oil Free Lotion twice daily. In case of the dry type use Enriched Moisturizing Creme, All Skin Types instead of the Oil Free Lotion. After 4 weeks change the treatment to Defy Damage in the morning and Super 3 Clinical Vitamin A Booster at night time. Cleanse facial skin using cleansing milk and toner for sensitive skin. In severe cases add a daily oral intake of 2 - 4 Derma+ tablets. Note that the effect of the tables will appear after a minimum of two months. If the SD is the oily greasy type we recommend Oil Free Lotion individually dosed and for the other types use Enriched Moisturizing Creme, All Skin Types individually dosed as needed. For hair we prescribe Shampoo For Fine Hair and in case of dry Seboré on the scalp Defy Damage and Derma+ tables might prove successful.

Apply the Beauté Pacifique Clinical Anti-Itching Cream liberally to the itching skin areas - possible multiple applications as needed. Prescribe optimal generalised skin care possibly using Body Lotion For Dry Skin and consider additional oral intake of Derma+ tablets to treat dryness. In cases of Pruritus Genitalis application of Enriched Vitamin A Booster every second night for 2 weeks - thereafter every night has proves successful in many patients. Use the Anti-Itching Cream liberally as needed for optimal relief.


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