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What are the benefits of using exclusive Chilean grapes
to extract Resveratrol and Procyanidin?

The Chilean grape seeds that have been sourced by Beauté Pacifique for Crème Paradoxe contain extraordinarily high amounts of Resveratrol and Procyanidin. Beauté Pacifique has an exclusive patent on this most potent ingredient. This means that the highest amounts of these active ingredients are extracted and then bottled to form Crème Paradoxe, to create an anti-ageing solution more effective than any other product. Resveratrol and Procyanidin are natural compounds that are thought to slow the ageing process, reduce sun damage, pigmentation and inflammation, and treat the cause of acne.

Why is there free space left in my new Cleansing Foam?

When holding your new Beauté Pacifique Cleansing Foam against the light, you might notice some free space in the tube. The explanation is that the product foams while being produced. And the product still foams when being filled onto the tubes.

Over time, the product shrinks in volume but not in weight and then it gets the desired final consistency. Please note that the right amount/weight of product is present in the tube, and specified to be no less than 125 g in total of both the tube and the product.

Why is it difficult to apply the D-Force cream?

It is a good idea to "warm up" the cream between your fingertips before applying it. By doing so, the cream will become smoother, much lighter textured and easy to apply.


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