The Beaute Pacifique offers wide range of beauty and skin care products like anti aging creams, anti wrinkle creams, face care products, beaty care and cosmetics producs, cosmeseuticals and many more.

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Are BEAUTÉ PACIFIQUE products safe for all ages?

Beauté Pacifique is safe to be used on all ages, from newborn to mature adult.

Are Beauté Pacifique products tested on animals?

No Beauté Pacifique product is ever tested on animals.

Are Beauté Pacifique products natural?

Beauté Pacifique realises that the most common allergies in the skin are derived from nature. Also, due to seasonal and outside influences, the stability and quality of natural ingredients is unstable. Therefore, we do not claim to be a “natural” product. Instead, we take the best elements from nature and the finest ingredients, and cleanse them in a clinical environment, under strict European Government regulations.

Do you use preservatives in your range?

At Beauté Pacifique, we use organic preservatives to keep our products sterilised and to keep the active ingredients intact. All preservatives are positively government-approved for use in our products, and carefully selected for their level of safety.

Do the products contain fragrance?

We add fragrance to some of our products because we believe that a nice fragrance is a benefit and adds value to the product. 

The Beauté Pacifique products are tolerated by almost everyone. Our mission is to help anybody who wishes for a better skin – and therefore, it is important that our products have both the desired effect and are free of unwanted side effects.

There is much talk about possible allergy problems through the use of perfume. Therefore we design our perfumes very carefully, so we avoid using the 26 allergy-risk fragrance ingredients listed by the EU.

Our products are developed in close collaboration with dermatologists, and these dermatologists all support that we can safely add scent to our products.

Are there many allergic conditions inflamed by using this product?

In many cases, Beauté Pacifique products are even safer than naturally occurring remedies. The 5 biggest allergic reactions are, in fact, to natural products. It is a fact that most allergies are caused by natural substances, such as pollen, nuts, shrimp, milk, flour, lemon, orange, lavender, tomato, essential oils and contact with animals such as dog, cat, bird and horse.

Beauté Pacifique products are safer, as we find the best in nature, synthetically copy it and clean it until perfectly stabilised. Denmark, where they are manufactured, is one of the strictest countries in the world regarding their healthcare guidelines. Beauté Pacifique is made in Denmark in Beauté Pacifique's own medical laboratory, according to strict pharmaceutical protocols. The lab also produces medicines, so is highly controlled. Beauté Pacifique products contain no parabens* or preservatives, so are safe to use.

* An exception to this would be the Deep Pore Mask, which contains specific clinically produced parabens that ensure the stability and preservation of the essential clay ingredients, and “Crème Solaire” sun screen (not currently available in Australia).

Is it okay to go out in the sun when I use a cream with Vitamin A?

The type of Vitamin A used in the Beauté Pacifique products are Vitamin A Esters. Encapsulated in droplets of Squalane, the Vitamin A Esters can penetrate deep into the skin, where they are transformed into Retinol by the skin's own biology. Vitamin A Esters do not make the skin thin and more sensitive to light exposure. You can therefore use Beauté Pacifique Vitamin A products in both summer and winter – and you can stay outside as usual. In any case: remember to always use a sunscreen, when you stay out in the sun.

Do the products contain sunscreen?

Several of the Beauté Pacifique products contain a small amount of organic sunscreen. The idea is to give the user a daily basic protection against UVB rays. The UVB rays can reach the second layer of the skin – the dermis – where they cause both immediate and long-term damage, including premature ageing to the tissue. In fact, 65 percent of skin cancer cases are related to UVB rays.

At Beauté Pacifique, we always use one of the very few sunscreens that are pre-approved and listed for the purpose by the authorities.

The following products contain sunscreen:

  • Enriched Moisturiser (All Skin)
  • Enriched Moisturiser (Dry Skin)
  • Crème Lactique
  • Crème Métamorphique

Especially about Crème Métamorphique

You might wonder why we add sunscreen to Crème Métamorphique, which is mostly used as a night cream. Like most of the Beauté Pacifique products, the Crème Métamorphique has multiple applications (e.g. many bald men use Crème Métamorphique on the head to strengthen the skin). And, as observed from clinical observations of Dr Uffe Gjede, Crème Métamorphique has been said to help protect skin against the re-occurance of solar keratosis, an application used by many users.

Should I still use a sunscreen product?

Yes. We recommend that you use a sunscreen with a high SPF on top of your Beauté Pacifique cream, when exposed directly to sunlight for a longer time, and particularly between 12 and 3 pm. Also use normal “sun safe” practices of covering up, and having regular skin cancer check ups.

Is it okay to use the products if I am pregnant or breast-feeding?

Pregnant or breast-feeding women often ask us whether it is okay to use Beauté Pacifique products in this important stage of their lives. All Beauté Pacifique products comply with the comprehensive legislation that regulates in detail which ingredients you may use in cosmetics – and in which quantities. So you can safely use all our products when pregnant or breast-feeding. However, even if you are allergic to certain fragrances, you should avoid them – even if you are not pregnant.

What side effects does Beauté Pacifique’s Vitamin A have?

Beauté Pacifique does not use Vitamin A Acids. We use Vitamin A Esters, therefore our products are safe to use during pregnancy and sun exposure, with no adverse reactions.

The Vitamin A derivatives we use are:

  • Retinol – the base form of Vitamin A – same as often used in food supplements – a very fragile molecule
  • Retinyl Palmitate – a stable ester form of Vitamin A that the dermal cells can metabolise into Retinol inside the dermis
  • Retinyl Acetate – another stable ester form of vitamin A that the dermal cells can metabolise into Retinol inside the dermis
  • Retinyl Propionate – a third stable ester form of vitamin A that the dermal cells can metabolise into Retinol inside the dermis.

Can you use too much or too little of the Beauté Pacifique products?

No – in the beginning for the first week – use the products 2-3 times in the week, so your skin can adapt. When the skin is thin, you may feel discomfort. Go slow in the beginning until skin becomes stronger, then you can use more.

Is Beauté Pacifique a treatment program that is used for a period of time, or is it a range of products that you would incorporate into your daily skin care routine?

You can use Beauté Pacifique safely every day.


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