The Beaute Pacifique offers wide range of beauty and skin care products like anti aging creams, anti wrinkle creams, face care products, beaty care and cosmetics producs, cosmeseuticals and many more.

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Can Beauté Pacifique products help treat skin conditions, such as
psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and sun damage?

Beauté Pacifique can definitely assist in the treatment of many skin conditions. It makes the skin thicker so it can heal itself! We’ve seen remarkable results with the use of the body lotion, shampoo and tablets. Many times we wash our hair with harsh shampoos which just increase the problem. Our shampoos are gentle and do not aggravate the condition. The use of the tablets in tandem with this can produce amazing results. You can also use the body lotion as a scalp treatment by rubbing in to the scalp and leaving overnight. If you use the body lotion all over the body the scalp will be thickened too – it is not confined to one area. The results are just amazing.

We have an example of a child with severe eczema who is now totally free of symptoms due to treatment with Beauté Pacifique – all broken capillaries, pigmentation, dry skin is now totally cleared. This really is very powerful stuff.

Beaute Pacifique’s treatment creams complement:

  • All anti-ageing skin care regimes
  • Acneic and problematic skin
  • Complement to non-surgical facial enhancement – i.e. IPL/Laser, Light therapy etc
  • Dermatological treatments with specific solutions for all skin disorders, such as sun damage, solar keratosis, eczema, psoriasis, and more.

Can Beauté Pacifique products prevent further sun damage or can
they actually reverse sun damage?

Sun damage on the skin leads to up to 80% higher risk of damage and skin diseases. If you have pre-cancerous cells, you can get them frozen or taken away by surgery. It has been observed by a clinical dermatologist that using Crème Metamorphique can decrease your risk of getting a new attack of skin cancer by 80%*. Crème Métamorphique actually thickens the skin, therefore offering some protection against sun damage. Skin will become thicker, healthier with better collagen and elastin properties, resulting in noticeably younger-looking skin.

*as observed by Dr Uffe Gjede

Can Beauté Pacifique products be used to remove stretch marks?

Stretch marks are caused by collagen and elastin, and the skin tearing apart. Stretch marks can be significantly reduced by 

Beauté Pacifique products, through thickening the skin and encouraging new collagen and elastin growth.

Can Beauté Pacifique products protect skin against harsh chemicals?

Yes, they can. Again, the thicker the skin is, the more protected and strong it is. The skin is then better able to resist the effects of harsh chemicals.


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