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Real Stories

Dr Uffe Gjede, M.D., Jysk Dermatology Center, Thisted, Denmark:

"The Beauté Pacifique product line is a fantastic development in the field of skin care. I often share my skin cancer patients' before and after photos with fellow physicians who all agree these results are unique. In addition to this, the Beaute Pacifique creams, based on its contents of Vitamin-A, works in such a way that it makes chronically damaged skin regenerate itself to become more healthy, as well as it has a positive effect on acne and various chronic eczema."

Dr Uffe Gjede

Dermatologist in the city of Thisted, Denmark who during the previous 12 months has treated more than 100 skin cancer patients with Beauté Pacifique night cream.  (Our quote: this original quote was taken in 2006, in a recent visit to his clinic (Jan 2010), Corri Matthews, as an Equipmed representative, was invited to Uffe Gjede’s Practice, she reveals: “Uffe’s Clinic was amazing, like a mini hospital with near 20 fully equipped treatment rooms using start of the art technology, 17 support nurses working very hard to support Uffe Gjede’s loyal customers upto 200 per day. “I was amazed in the remote location of this clinic, and the fact that patients where driving, flying and shipping to see Uffe from distant places around the country and Europe, his and his staffs passion for the Beauté Pacifique vitamin A’s (particularly crème Metamorphique, Super3, Defy and body lotion and Clinical Tablets) instilled in me that we had found the exact cosmeceutical Australia had been searching for.”)

Dr Anna M. Pare, M.D., Dermatology Consultants,

"I was immediately intrigued by the Beauté Pacifique skin care products' patented delivery system. The superior technology allows the active ingredients, including the uniquely formulated Vitamin A Esters, to penetrate the skin in full dermal depth in order to restore lost collagen and elastin levels caused by photoaging. We have been very, very pleased with the results."

Dr William L. Dobes, Jr., M.D. PC, Dermatology Consultants, 

"The Vitamin A Ester/and Retinol formulation from Beauté Pacifique has consistently been the most effective OTC agent that we have used in our practice. This Vitamin A based product has helped us upgrade a number of our patients to retinoids. We have had very good success with it, and, at present, it is my preference for this class of medicine."

Dr John Armitage Rusca, M.D., Institute for Aesthetic Surgery,

"Frequently we plastic surgeons receive information about a product or procedure that is supposed to be the next best since sliced bread. Very infrequently does it turn out to be worth anybody's time. Beauté Pacifique, however, is unique. It is effective. My patients are clamoring for more of it."

Dr Jeffrey Zwiren, M.D. Prima Center for Plastic Surgery,

"With Beauté Pacifique we are able, for the first time, to reliably improve the quality of our patients' skin. I have scanned patients who have been using almost every available cosmetic and prescription skin care lines available and none to date show the dermal improvement that we routinely achieve with the Beaute Pacifique Super 3 booster".


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